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PSP Dubrovnik Knjigovodstvo Računovodstvo pogled iz zraka

PSP Dubrovnik

A limited liability company for business services founded 01.06.1995., deals with accounting and bookkeeping, business and management consulting, expert advice, and other affairs.

Company employs 17 employees and operates in its own office at Marka Marojice 33, 20000 Dubrovnik.

Why us?

We are one of the leading companies in accounting and bookkeeping, business consulting and management in the area of Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

Our many years of experience and over 150 satisfied users of our services are more than enough reason to entrust your business to the care of our experienced team of experts.

The time for change is today.

PSP Dubrovnik Knjigovodstvo Računovodstvo Stradun


Our company provides accounting services for small, medium and large entrepreneurs and tradesmen, non-profit organizations, foundations and agricultural cooperatives in the field of trade, catering, hotel industry, construction, manufacturing services.

Accounting services

We cover the entire business, including the general ledger, salary calculation, VAT calculation, annual financial reports, etc.

Financial and tax counseling

We provide consulting services for starting and improving business operations and improving business processes.

Program solution

We offer a complete software solution for accounting, finance, retail, wholesale, catering, and we are continually working on improving it.

Tax Administration Record

We provide counseling services related to the records of the tax administration in terms of writing the complaints.

Be carefree while managing your business. Our team is always ready to help. Quality and reliability unmatched.

PSP - Dubrovnik


Marka Marojice 33, Dubrovnik
Monday - Friday, 08:00 - 15:00
020 / 333-290